A Secret about me

October 11th, 2007 by Jen Lowe

Most of my posts have been about my clients lately, which is a good thing, because it means I have been busy working. But tonight I am going to share a deep dark secrets about myself! This stems from the most awesome night I had this evening.  

Ok, here it goes…

I am a ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ fanatic.

Won’t miss it.


Is that totally dorky? I’m sure that most of my friends think I am a total dork for watching it, but I don’t care. Since I’m admitting this I should just admit now that I am also dedicated to ‘Dancing With The Stars’. (ok, so sometimes I have to tivo it, but I DO watch EVERY episode in a season since it started!)

Anyhow - I really wanted to go to the tour when it came to town and as luck would have it, it was actually a date that I wasn’t scheduled to photograph anything! And my dear sweet husband actually agreed to go with me if we could count it as a ‘date’ without the girls! So, there I was at Ticketmaster, at opening time, the morning the tickets went on sale (while Greg sat in the car with 2 squabbling girls!). I got 2 excellent seats and I was totally psyched!

And it was SO worth it! OH MY WORD WAS THE SHOW AWESOME! They had the top 10 PLUS 4 ‘extra’ performers, all of whom are amazing dancers and seem to have such great personalities! They performed some of the best dances from last season and it was so awesome to see them live and in person. We both had a great time at the show and Greg is the greatest husband ever to do these types of things with me! We were laughing about the fact that the last real big concert we went to was to see Depeche Mode way back in 1994 at the same spot!! How’s that for feeling old??

It was just what we needed - a little break from the craziness that is October in our household!

Sorry there aren’t any pictures - I wouldn’t have thought to take my camera, but apparently you could have taken a camera in and not used flash! Who’da thunk????

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