Sweet Baby Camryn

March 7th, 2008 by Jen Lowe

I just LOVE pregnancy and babies! Recently I’ve been lucky enough to photograph a few little ones and I just love them - they are SO small and cute and sweet and since I’m not having anymore I truly relish my time with these little ones. Sometimes I feel like my clients have to push me out their door cause I just can’t get enough of those babies!!

Last weekend I got to go and visit with sweet baby Camryn (and her mom and dad). Camryn is the sweetest thing - and such a blessing to her mom and dad. After a scary and complicated delivery she arrived a month early. And can you believe this sweet thing is already weighing in at 11lbs. at 8 weeks old and is so strong and alert!? I had such a nice time with this wonderful loving family. Here are some of my favorite shots.







Look at the love!



This poor thing was SO tired and we made her work like she’s America’s Next Top Model. Mommy is giving her some TLC….


…but she’s just so tired! As a mom, I don’t mind crying shots, because that’s what babies do. And sometimes they make for great shots - I actually LOVE this shot of mommy snuggling crying Camryn - it’s a sweet moment.


 You can’t tell that they absolutely adore their baby girl, can you!?


And I couldn’t resist a few of this sweet couple who hadn’t had a picture taken in years - aren’t they adorable?


This one might be my favorite of the day - isn’t this hat TOO cute?!


And one last sweet mommy moment I had to capture.



Aren’t they the cutest? Hopefully baby Camryn got to take a nice long snoozy after I left. Thanks for having me out and I can’t wait for the next time!

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Waiting for Jenna

March 7th, 2008 by Jen Lowe

As many of you may know my little sister is expecting her first baby any day now and it is such a wierd thing. I mean, she is my BABY sister, so it’s pretty crazy that she is having a baby. And that I am going to become an Auntie! I really couldn’t be more excited. And my girls are SO excited to have a baby cousin coming! The unfortunate thing is that my sister and her husband and my niece live in Alabama, so visiting is difficult, long and costly. But I DID make a quick - and I mean quick - I was in Alabama for a total of 26 hours - trip there last week to make sure that we captured some photos of my sisters baby belly.

I really can’t wait for baby Jenna to get here, and could just cry at the thought of not being there when she arrives, but I’ll just have to wait until I get there again in early April to see my sweet niece for the first time.

So, here are some belly photos….



These two are going to be great parents - aren’t they cute!?



I love this one of my brother in law…


What a good sister - she even let me paint on her belly!




This one just completely cracks me up. It needs a caption that says something to the effect of ‘Oh my gosh, you mean this baby has to come OUT!’ That’s probably how most of us feel during our first pregnancy as the due date approaches - I know I did! LOL!




And who can resist all the itty bitty shoes and clothes……



I just can’t wait for her arrival! Although I am looking forward to my trip to Vegas I am bummed that I will miss the baby’s arrival while I’m there - unless she comes this week….but I still don’t get to go down to Alabama again until early April….I hope she just stays little until I get there!

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