Anti Workshop Days 3 & 4, part 2

March 22nd, 2008 by Jen Lowe

I did manage to get a few shots on our last day of shooting in the Bone Yard….This couple was REALLY RAD - which is appropriate given that it is the Anti-Workshop, we had the most incredible teachers and the rockin’ location. Her dress was really beautiful and they just had a great look and style….I loved having a couple chances to get off a few shots.







I TOTALLY stole these two images (and felt lucky to do so)….they just happened to be standing in front of me as John was giving some instruction/direction/details to the group when these two had a little moment! They really were a great couple!












So, there are 2 words that sum up my experience at the Anti Workshop - TOTALLY AWSOME!

Not only did I have a great opportunity to learn from some of the kindest, most generous, AND insanely talented individuals, I also got to go outside my comfort zone and met some absolutely amazing photographers from around the world!! I feel so blessed to have been able to do this and I feel that it has given me SO much to take home and use. And to think that I almost chickened out of going to this workshop because I was afraid to do something I had never done before?! I would have missed so much! My work can only get better from here!  

The Boutwells and the Coopers are the most incredible people. I’m not that great with writing, so I have a hard time finding words to describe how much they have given me in only 4 short days, but they will always have a special place in my heart.  They truly touched my life and I hope I can make them proud as an Anti-Workshop Alumni! If you are a photographer and have the opportunity to take this workshop I can not recommend it more - sign up as soon as they announce it!!

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