One Super Sweet Couple from West Virginia!

May 23rd, 2008 by Jen Lowe

I know I’ve said before how lucky I am with wonderful couples with whom I connect, but Jessica and Rob that connection happened on our very first phone call. I just adored Jess after that first 20 minute phone call and was so excited to meet her and Rob to hear about their wedding plans….which was no easy task since they live in West Virginia, are getting married at Deep Creek Lake! But it didn’t matter - we were just meant to meet!

I was thrilled to have Jess and Rob come all the way to Annapolis last week to have a fun engagement session! Rob has only been out of West Virginia once or twice, so coming to Annapolis was a big deal - and I think they had a great time despite the overcast weather we were handed! After a little rearranging of our schedule due to the even worse forecast for the day we were supposed to do our session, we all met up down at the city dock and then wandered around from there. We got a bit of a late start, so I didn’t get as much time to photograph Jess and Rob together, or show them around town, but hopefully they got to enjoy some more of what the area has to offer the next day. As a local you tend to take for granted the area and sites that we see so frequently, but it was really fun to see how much Jess and Rob were enthralled by everything they saw - it was pretty cute!

Jess and Rob are SO in love and the two sweetest, happiest people! I think it is SO obvious in their photos, but you can judge for yourself….here are some of my favorites, but you can check out their slideshow if you CLICK HERE. I am really looking forward to spending the weekend with their friends and family in Deep Creek Lake for all the fun wedding festivities this fall!
























Jess and Rob - I can’t wait for the wedding and to see you guys again! It’s going to be a GREAT weekend and I am honored to be spending it with you! HUGS!

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Cheryl & Todd are married!

May 14th, 2008 by Jen Lowe

Last weekend I felt so incredibly blessed AGAIN!

1. After icky weather and rain all morning (didn’t we just talk about this last weekend too!), as I drove into Baltimore, the skies cleared to a beautiful blue sky and incredible weather JUST for Cheryl and Todd’s wedding! (ok, maybe not JUST for their wedding, but whatever - I was super happy!)

and 2. Cheryl, Todd, their bridal parties, friends and families were SO much fun - I, again, feel so fortunate to have been a part of their wedding day. Cheryl and Todd’s families are so wonderful - they have a great example of family and marriage behind them as they begin their marriage and they all just adore each other - it’s pretty incredible.

Seriously though, Cheryl and Todd are such a sweet couple - they are SO in love that it is hard not to see it! And after we did that fun engagement shoot I KNEW their wedding day was going to be a great day!

I met up with Cheryl and the girls at the Sheraton Center City for some getting ready shots, where I also got to reunite with Danielle, who is Angel’s best friend and was at Angel and Matt’s wedding at the end of March, AND is Cheryl’s future sister-in-law (She and Cheryl’s brother, Greg, are getting married in August!)! Danielle did a fabulous job with Cheryl’s makeup for the wedding! I spent some time with the girls, a tin bit of time with the boys and then back to the girls for the finishing touches and the dash for the church.

The ceremony was held at the Old Otterbein United Methodist Church, which is an incredibly beautiful church with big windows and lots of natural light, which I just love! Pastor Mernie Crane performed a lovely ceremony and then it was outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, take some photos and send off all the out of town guests in ‘Ride the Duck’ boat tour of Baltimore (which would have been even better if the boat had come back to pick up the bride, groom, families and bridal party like it was supposed to!).

The reception was held at Lillies on the Harbor and was AWESOME! Cristi had the room set up beautifully when we got there, and as the band, Fresh Air, warmed up, the guests enjoyed both an outdoor and indoor cocktail hour. The reception started with a great first dance by Cheryl and Todd to ‘Happy’ by Martin Sexton which was such a GREAT first dance song to pick for them - fit them perfectly.

Cheryl’s Dad followed that by making a speech about how when Cheryl and Todd got engaged he asked her ‘What kind of wedding do you want - big? small?’ and Cheryl said ‘Dad, I want a really great party!’ at which point her Dad ‘challenged’ every guest in the room to have the best party they’ve ever had! It was great!

Todd and Cheryl were toasted by several important people who all gave incredibly touching toasts - heartfelt and funny at the same time. After a sweet father-daughter and mother-son dance Cheryl’s Dad sang a solo with the band that rocked the house!!! Seriously - it was GREAT! He got a standing ovation - that man can belt out a tune, that’s for sure!

The rest of the night Fresh Air kept the energy high and the dance floor PACKED all night long. It was a crazy fun wedding - Cheryl and Todd’s guests will remember for a long time! I think they succeded in having ‘ a really great party!’!!

Here are a few of my favorites (it is SO hard to choose JUST a few, but at least I get to choose a few more for the slideshow!!), but CLICK HERE if you want to see the complete slideshow of Cheryl and Todd’s amazing wedding day!


The flowers by Floral Impressions were not only beautiful, but they smelled incredible!





This is Todd’s nephew, Charlie, and I just couldn’t get enough of him! Isn’t he the cutest?


And this is Charlie’s little sister, Jane, who is also pretty darn cute!




I know I just said how we don’t have blue skies here, but I lucked out last weekend with this one!


Charlie killing time before the ceremony on his Dad’s cell phone…Matt, you might want to check your cell phone bill carefully next month! LOL!


Can’t you see how in love they are?! It’s so cute I can hardly stand it! It helps that Todd has a very expressive face - he’s just SO FUN! It’s easy to see why he is a much loved guy.



This is Charlie and Jane’s littlest brother…he thought the bride might need some more flowers…






Every bride has to make a phone call at some time during their wedding day, right?




I think that one of my many favorite parts of the day is the first dance. You see so many expressions on the couple - love and laughter are just a few that I always enjoy capturing. Did I mention that Todd is really expressive? I wonder what they were talking about here?!



Cheryl had a pretty emotional dance with her Daddy, who you can tell just adores her more than anything in the world. I LOVE that.


And here is Mr. Rogers belting out his solo with the band - he was AWESOME!


And here is the crowds reaction….





This is Cheryl’s brother, Greg, and Danielle, who are getting married in August…aren’t they cute!?


And I don’t know WHAT is going on here, but maybe one day I’ll find out!


 A little help from the ’sundae bar’ for the ring shot - who can resist colorful jelly beans?




And I am so happy that we took a few minutes out during the reception to get this shot…


Cheryl and Todd - thanks SO much for including me in your incredible wedding! It was so much fun and I know you will have an incredible marriage filled with joy and laughter. You both have the most wonderful, kind, hearts that will take you far. I hope the honeymoon was amazing!

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My Birthday Girl!

May 13th, 2008 by Jen Lowe

Being a mom is really an incredible thing….especially as you watch your ‘baby’ grow and change and turn into a real honest-to-goodness person with opinions, thoughts, ideas, and talents. It is filled with so many incredible experiences that fill your heart with so much joy. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t bad times, cause there are, but the sweet moments of motherhood are so much more memorable!  As my little girl turns 7 I am filled with so much happiness at the beautiful little girl that she is becoming.

Mother’s Day is a sentimental day for me - mostly because it’s so hard to believe that 7 years ago - ON Mother’s Day - I became a mommy when I gave birth to this sweet little baby girl - all 8lbs. 4oz. of her! (sorry about the quality - I had to SCAN photos since we didn’t have a digital camera back then!! LOL!)



And now I have this beautiful child who is growing and changing every day…. it’s truly amazing to see it happen right in front of you!


I am feeling particulary sappy the past few days, I’m not sure what that’s all about, but I put together a little slideshow! Creating the slideshow was pretty amazing - to look at 7 years of photos, growth and change all in one place! And how can you possibly pick only a ‘few’ photos to use in a 2 minute slideshow that sum up a persons 7 years of life?! Well, I’ll post the short version HERE if you want to see it….Analisa will get a longer version made just for her! 

Happy Birthday to my amazing girl! You are my sunshine!

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