Field Trip Time!

May 2nd, 2008 by Jen Lowe

Yesterday I went with my daughters first grade class on a field trip to the Maryland Science Center - whew - I’m still tired just thinking about it! Honestly, there is nothing more nerve-wracking than being in charge of a couple kids, who are not your own, in a very crowded location, with all of them running in different directions! But on the flip side I am SO glad that I now have the ability to participate in field trips, the ability to photograph the events for the class AND create some super-fun slideshows that they LOVE to watch the day after!

I haven’t been to the Science Center in many years, so it was pretty neat to go back. The whole first grade got to watch the IMAX movie about the whales, which was pretty awesome. The film footage was truly incredible and I don’t know that I can even really comprehend how super huge these animals are….it’s amazing. After the movie, we ate lunch outside and then back in for some fun and games, while learning - does it get any better than that?! They have a really neat dinosaur exhibit and all the normal ’science’ type things that kept the kids enthralled.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day!



This kid was SO excited to go on her field trip that she was up at 5:30am!


Our dear friend and classmate Sarah laughing it up on the bus ride. She does not like for me to take her photo, but I snuck this one in - isn’t she cute!?


This is our angel on earth - Mrs. J - Analisa’s teacher this year. She is the best and we will be sad to see her leave at the end of the year, but couldn’t be more thrilled that she and her dear hubby are welcoming a baby girl at the end of June. They are going to be the best parents ever! We love her so much that I honestly think that we might cry at the end of the year.


Now for some Science Center science…



This was a ‘tug of war’ that the kids just LOVED! You can see the excitement in their faces here.


My little group…


Digging for dinosaurs…



This series totally cracks me up! We were getting ready to leave and they found this ‘photo booth’ and were begging me for money to have their picture taken. Of course I didn’t have any money (and even if I did I wasn’t about to give them $3.00 for 1 photo!) but then I thought ‘hey, maybe my lens is wide enough to climb in there and take their photos!’….so I did and these are what we got - I think they are just hilarious!!! (and honestly, I’m shocked that they turned out so good!)




On the bus ride home there were at least 6 kids that fell fast asleep…..but not mine! She looks like she is ready for another round of excitement with this crazy face!


And this is her dear friend Kelsey, who is another class, but we got to get a quick shot of them together before we left school for the day!


So, next time you have the chance to chaperone the field trip make sure you sign up AND take your camera! I promise it will be fun!

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