Happy Birthday Lilly!

May 8th, 2009 by Jen Lowe

I was so happy to go and visit my friend Lilly again for her first birthday. I really enjoy watching these little ones grow - I have photographed Lilly as a newborn and again at 6 months and it’s amazing to watch her personality grow with her age. She is so stinking cute and she is such a happy little girl that she makes my job super easy.

Happy Birthday Lilly!!

Seriously - could this be any cuter?! Lilly has gorgeous blue eyes - these beauties are straight out of the camera! And how about this adorable outfit?

Outfit #2 was as cute as outfit #1 with this super cute hat that she LOVED! Apparently grandma LOVES to shop for her sweet granddaughter!

Here Lilly is sitting on a rocking horse that was her grandma’s - how cool is that?!

A little tutu action out of my bucket and some bubbles always get smiles!

Mommy gave Lilly some cupcakes to do with as she pleased and do you know this little one had NO interest in eating it as all! She threw it around a bit, but didn’t eat any of it!

But she did get some on her face - I think this shot is hilarious!

Since she did have cake on her feet, mommy put her in the sink to get rinsed off and she had a  BLAST playing in there. Just another great photo opp for me! Look at that grin! So cute!

Lilly - I wish you a wonderful first birthday and look forward to my next visit with you and your wonderful family!! Big hugs to the birthday girl!!

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