Michelle & Adam are going back to JHU!

September 12th, 2008 by Jen Lowe

OK, well not really, but it IS where they decided to do their engagement session! Michelle and Adam both went to Johns Hopkins, so it seemed like an appropriate place to do their session plus it’s a gorgeous campus so why not take advantage? We met up early Sunday morning and pretty much had most of the campus to ourselves and incredible blue skies, what more could you ask for?

So here are a few of my favovrites, but CLICK HERE to see their slideshow!

We got this right at the start, so I knew they’d be good!

These two are adorable! Michelle is in school to be a dentist - perfect profession with that gorgeous smile - definitely has a million dollar smile!

Adam isn’t too bad either, right?

These two were a lot of fun - very at ease with one another and easy to get laughing!

Michelle and Adam - I can’t wait for the wedding! Work hard in school until them! =)

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