Heather and Jamie’s Wedding!

November 3rd, 2008 by Jen Lowe

Heather and Jamie are another great couple with whom I’ve had the pleasure of capturing their wedding day! You may remember their engagement session - Jamie took us on a hike to find a great spot he knew of! LOL! But I knew then that their wedding day would be fun!

The day was an amazing fall day at the always gorgeous Cloisters. I met up with Heather and the girls, along with the always fun Amie Decker, to spend some ‘getting ready’ time with the girls before the ceremony. They had a beautiful ceremony, just before sunset, outside in the courtyard, surrounded by family and friends. The ceremony was over in just enough time for me to take advantage of the evening light before the sun went down so we were able to get some beautiful casual portraits of Heather and Jamie before we had to hustle along for the reception….Then it was on to a great reception - starting with their first dance outside in the courtyard, followed by cocktails and dinner catered by Sascha’s.  Heather’s uncle Steven did ALL the flowers for the wedding. He flew in from Miami and pulled an all-nighter to get them done! They were gorgeous - he did a beautiful job! C and J Entertainment kept the dance floor going and the cake by Karen Rodkey was absolutely beautiful! All in all - a PERFECT day!

So, here are a few of my favorites from the day, but CLICK HERE to see their slideshow!

You know how I love the makeup shots….here Amie is working her magic, not that Heather needed any magic - she is gorgeous!

Emily was a super cute flower girl, although a little bit bored while the ‘big girls’ were getting ready.

We took some group photos before the ceremony…so we headed out to the windmill, even though it was a little bit chilly…they had to walk fast!

How cute is Ian, the ringbearer? He and the flower girl are sister and brother - so cute!

I LOVE when the groom looks like THIS when he sees his bride walking down the aisle!

Heather’s Dad was so sweet - he was trying so hard not to cry. And of course she was all smiles!

The sun was going down fast, but I light this shot where you can see the sun through the trees and the whole wedding ceremony…

Now for some casual portraits….you know I can’t resist a fun window!

Isn’t Heather just gorgeous??!

The groom’s pretty good too! Look at that smile?!

Some first dance action out in the courtyard - it was so pretty out!

Father Daughter Dance…

…and Mother Son Dance - both filled with lots of smiles!

A few reception shots, but watch the slideshow for much more!

Some details, of course!

Check out the detail in this cake! No, those are NOT real flowers - Karen handmade them!

I love the trend of the candy buffet - it can be so fun and creative! And who can resist candy?! Heather and Jamie’s buffet was empty before dinner was served!

Heather and Jamie - I had such a wonderful time working with you guys and I look forward to hearing all about your honeymoon! I hope it was great! HUGS!

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  1. maria Says:

    beautiful. that shot of the bride standing in front of the window is exquisite. total magazine material!